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HM » Hazardous Materials Government - Transportation Advertisement: HM » Her Majesty's Government - Military HM » Her Majesty's Government - Government HM » Heard and McDonald Islands Regional - Countries

The islands are among the most remote places on Earth: They are located approximately 4,099 km (2,547 mi) southwest of Perth, 3,845 km (2,389 mi) southwest of Cape Leeuwin, Australia, 4,200 km (2,600 mi) southeast of South Africa, 3,830 km (2,380 mi) southeast of Madagascar, 1,630 km (1,010 mi) north of Antarctica, and 450 km (280 mi) southeast of the Kerguelen Islands.

HM » Honorable Mention Misc - Award or Medal

Since the mention was important in the process to be made an actual knight of the Military William Order, the Honorable Mentions were registered in the chapter of the Military William Order.

HM » Harvest Moon Misc -

Lunar eclipses can occur only at full moon, where the Moon's orbit allows it to pass through the Earth's shadow.

HM » Hair Multiplication Misc -

Hair multiplication or hair cloning is a promising new technique under development to counter hair loss.

HM » Hard Music Community - Music

In 1957, he formed an improvisation group with Terry Riley, Pauline Oliveros, Robert Erickson, and Bill Butler with a focus an aleatoric and improvisational techniques.

HM » Homestake Mining Company Business - NYSE Symbol

Homestake's first and most famous operation was the Homestake Mine in Lead, South Dakota.

HM » High Mileage Misc - Advertisement:

Also included here is the track "A Woman's Love", which Jackson re-recorded in 2006 for his album Like Red on a Rose.

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HMA HMAC HMAD HMANA HMAS HMAT HMAV What is the full form of HM ? HM can be expanded as The Heard And McdonaldWhat does HM mean? Meaning of HM is The Heard And Mcdonald 

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